Sporadic Connectivity Issues for Services

Starting at approximately 11:30am est 12/4/2018, our primary datacenter encountered routing issues which resulted in Sporadic connectivity.

 The issue was resolved for all services as of 13:28 pm 12/4/2018. Our engineering staff is working with data center technicians to mitigate the possibility of this issue happening again. Thanks!

4 Дек 2018
Secure Certificate Update

MFST.net and shared hosting servers had the wildcard secure certificate updated.

1 Дек 2018
infrastructure Upgrades 10/05/2018 9pm - 11:59pm

We have a scheduled maintenance window for Friday 10/05/2018 from 8pm EST to 12am EST Sat. There could be some intermittent down time during this window

5 Окт 2018
Shared Hosting Server Reboot to add Additional Compute Resources

9/25/2018@ 22:50 EST - The shared hosting server was rebooted to add additional CPU and  Ram resources. The server was offline for less than 60 seconds. 

25 Сен 2018
Billing and Client Management System Updated

Sunday 9/9/2018 between 1am - 4am EST - MFST.net updated it billing and client management software.

Please if you experience any issues as a result of this update open a ticket with our support department.


9 Сен 2018
CPANEL Hosting Reboot to Apply Patches

9/20/2017 @ 11:00pm we will reboot our cpanel virtual servers to appply patches. Some shared sites will be unresponsive for approximately 2 minutes while the servers reboot. Thanks!

21 Сен 2017
Emergency Maintenance

Event Type: Emergency

Event Description: Port Maintenance

Event Location: Atlanta, GA

Service Affecting: Yes

April 8, 2011 at 5:30am Eastern Time

Event Duration: 30 minutes

Expected Down Time: Up to 30 minutes

30 Мар 2011
All Services Running

All Gentry Fund Services are running without any problems.

25 Янв 2010